A Free Livestream Event from our SmartDollar partner, Ramsey Solutions

Event Description

We’ve all gone through some tough times recently, and many of you are hurting right now. You might know someone who is jobless or broke, or who is struggling to put food on the table. And everyone is left asking, “What now?”

Join financial experts Dave Ramsey, Chris Hogan and Rachel Cruze for a FREE one-night livestream event to help you take back control of your money.

This is your NEVER AGAIN moment. After this event, you will:

  • Never again have money worries keep you up at night.
  • Never again feel out of control of your finances.
  • Never again be at the mercy of a global crisis.

How to Join

Text CONTROL to 33789 to sign up for the event, and join us LIVE at daveramsey.com on Thursday, June 25 at 7 p.m. CT and take control of your money for good!