Ashlea Whaley, the daughter of a Steel & Pipe Supply employee, and her husband Tyler paid off a whopping $40,000 of debt in just 14 months by putting what they learned from SmartDollar into practice. Here's her story, in her words:

My husband Tyler and I graduated from college in 2018. We were lucky enough to have earned scholarship dollars to pay for a significant portion of our education – myself earning SPS’s “Plan B” scholarship. But, even with the help of scholarships, we left college with around $35,000 collectively in student loan debt and shortly had to buy a new car, totaling us to around $50,000 in debt.

The debt initially was really scary. We had just started our “adult” lives together and the dollar amount accruing interest felt impossible to get taken off our backs. 

Ashlea & Tyler Whaley

My dad, Jordan Wineland (Steel & Pipe Supply Value Added Services Sr. Account Manager), was the one who bought us the Dave Ramsey book and connected us with SPS’s subscription to SmartDollar and we used it to hit the ground running right after we relocated to Columbia, MO to start our new jobs.

We felt fortunate to find full-time jobs with benefits but we also knew we would be in better shape if we got rid of our debt as soon as possible. We refused to resign ourselves to the all too common understanding that people pay off their student loans for the rest of their lives!

We followed the Baby Steps that SmartDollar teaches by cleaning the savings out to pay off as much as possible, while leaving $1,000 in an emergency fund. And, we made a conservative budget so we could take all of the extra money we earned each paycheck to pay off each loan, smallest to largest.

Because of what we learned, we were able to pay off all of our student loan debt ($35,000), along with another $5,000 toward other debt, within 14 months of graduation and only have $10,000 of our car loans left to pay off!

Learning what they teach is so powerful. I really wish this was hit harder in public schools before kids start to take on the financial responsibilities of loans, expendable income, etc. SmartDollar and Dave’s book have certainly been a game changer for us.

Do You Have A Success Story?

Over 140 households in our family of companies are enrolled in SmartDollar and combined, they have experienced over an $850,000 total financial turnaround. If you have a success story of your own and are willing to share, please send us your stories. Your story can impact your colleagues to get on this plan that can change their lives.

Going Deeper

We have a student loan debt crisis right here in America. Foury-four million people are paying off $1.6 TRILLION in student loan debt! That’s a lot of zeros! SmartDollar’s Anthony ONeal addresses this in an all-new SmartDollar Deep Dive video. Click here to watch it in your SmartDollar account. No account? No problem. Click here to get started.