When you're young and retirement is decades away, it's easy to justify minimum retirement contributions in favor of a little extra spending money.

But, as many people learn the hard way, it’s not always easy to play catch up when you’re nearing retirement age and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars shy of what you may need to maintain your current lifestyle. If you’re saving less than you’d like for retirement, it’s time to refocus. Small increases can have a big impact on your retirement savings.

In the most recent Bank of Oklahoma newsletter, they announced they are hosting a free webinar on Dec. 5 which will cover topics like:

  • Maximizing¬†Your Contributions
  • Giving Your Retirement Plan a Raise
  • The Power of Compounding Interest

To join the webinar click on the link: https://bok.webex.com/join/anieva

Other topics included in this month’s BOK Newsletter:

  • A video about automatic contribution increases
  • A calculator to help with pre-tax savings
  • And, an article to help you decide if you can contribute more to your retirement

For the entire newsletter, click here.