Donating, volunteering, and giving back have all been shown to have both mental and physical health benefits from increasing sense of purpose to improving mood and reducing stress. 

You can earn points for things like volunteering, serving on a board, donations, or participating in a charity event. 

All you have to do is describe your give back activity in the space provided and hit submit to earn 50 scorecard points.

Here’s how to find it in your Motion Connected Scorecard for both mobile and desktop formats:


  1. Click on the three dots in the lower right corner 

2. Click on Scorecard

3. Select the correct Quarter Scorecard.

4. Tap on Giving Back in the Activity section.

5. Enter your description and click Submit.


  1. Click on Scorecard

2. Click on the correct Quarter Scorecard

3. Click on Give Back in the Activity section.

4. Enter your description and click Submit.

More Ways To Earn Points

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