It’s easy to think the only way you can earn points in Thrive Rewards is to have a smart watch that can track your daily steps, but there are actually several ways to earn points that are easy, fun, and improve your overall wellbeing.

There are two main categories of things you can do to earn points: Activity and Awareness. Here’s a look at how you can earn points in each category on the Thrive Rewards Scorecard.


(1090 points possible per quarter)
*Daily Activity Goal – steps or active minutes
  • Up to 6 points per day or 540 total per quarter (Goal: at least 15 points/week)
  • Open full quarter
*Motion Connected Activity Challenges
  • 75 points each
  • Limit two activities per quarter
Self-Care Activities – Annual wellness check, dental exam, vision exams, etc.
  • 200 points possible
  • Limit one per quarter
Monthly Weight Checks
  • 50 points per month
  • 150 points possible per quarter
Give Back – volunteer or donate
  • 50 points each
  • Limit one per quarter

*Points earned through activity tracking with wearable or smart phone


(250 points possible per quarter)
  • Worth 100 points
  • Limit one per quarter
Key to Hearth Health – Submit a picture of a healthy meal
  • Worth 50 points
  • Limit one per quarter
Making It Stick – Create a SMART Goal
  • Worth 50 points
  • Limit one per quarter
Nutrition Intermission – Set two nutritional goals
  • Worth 50 points
  • Limit one per quarter

Download Scorecard Overview

If you’d like a printable version of the various ways you can earn Rewards points, click the following link:

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