It’s easy to think the only way you can earn points in Thrive Rewards is to have a smart watch that can track your daily steps, but did you know you can earn up to 840 points even if you don’t have an activity tracker?

Here’s a look at the Thrive Rewards Scorecard with descriptions for the six ways you can earn points below.

1. Daily Activity

You can earn daily points for your Steps or Active Minutes, whichever is worth more points each day. The maximum number of points you can earn each day is 6. Click on the “Daily Activity Goal” link in your Scorecard to find the breakdown of points for steps and activity minutes. And, remember, if you don’t have an activity tracker, many people can use their smartphone as a tracker. Here’s how.

2. Health Pulse

This questionnaire is a chance to self-reflect on your current health habits while determining a pulse on health at your company. Data will be aggregated on a group level and no individual information will be shared with your employer.

3. Participant Wellness Survey

This survey will become available on November 1st. Once available, complete the survey to provide important feedback regarding your wellness program.

4. Learning Modules

The Thrive Wellness Learning Modules are simple ways to learn about four topics important for our overall wellbeing, each worth 35 points. To find out more, click on the title and follow the instructions.

5. Message Board Flash Challenges

Each month, Thrive Rewards offers a new challenge that individuals can take part in to earn points. They’re called “Flash Challenges” and on the first of each month, you’ll find that month’s challenge posted on the message board.

6. Annual Physical Exam

Many serious health problems are preventable. Research consistently shows that one of the best ways to maintain good health is to have an annual physical exam, which can help address minor risks before they become major problems.

And, thanks to Thrive Rewards, not only will an annual physical exam help keep you healthy, it can also add some points to your Rewards Scorecard!

Thrive Discounts

If you don’t have an activity tracker or looking to upgrade, take advantage of the Thrive store, which offers a great selection at discounted prices.