Q2 saw a big jump in the number of people who hit the 500-point mark (33) compared to the first quarter (20). Way to go, everyone! Of course, hitting the 500-point mark makes you eligible for the quarterly prize drawing, which we get to announce today. Check out the list of winners!

Congratulations to our Q2 winners!

Get Started

If haven’t joined Thrive Rewards yet, now is the perfect time! All scorecards are reset to zero, so everyone is on level ground. Here’s how you can get signed up and start earning points.

More Device Connections Available

Our Thrive Rewards partner, MotionConnected, announced they’ve expanded their list of compatible devices. They are no longer restricted to just Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Watch devices.  If you’ve been wanting to join Thrive Rewards but haven’t been able, the doors have been opened!  Click here to learn more.