Physical activity and health is often the first thing we think about when someone mentions a wellness program.

You’re talking about pumping iron, right?

Wrong. Well, maybe, but lifting weights isn’t the only path to physical wellness, nor is it necessarily the right path for everyone.

So, what are you talking about?

Physical wellness is simply helping your body move better, easier, safer. Life puts a beating on our bodies. Whether we’re sitting all day or on our feet, our bodies take a lot of wear and tear that ends up making us stiff, sore and sad. The majority of Americans are hurting in some way. Moving our bodies can help, and that’s what Thrive is all about…helping you live a healthier, happier life.

So, where do I start?

It can be as simple as starting a daily habit of taking 30-minute walks around your neighborhood. But, if you want a few other ideas, here’s your Thrive Guide to Physical Wellness:

Gym Discounts

Want to join a gym but don’t want to pay full price? Whether you’re covered by our companies health insurance or not, you have options for discounted gym memberships. Check out our Physical Wellness page to find options for you and your family.

Wearable Discounts

SPS Thrive has partnered with The Wellness Outlet to offer discounted devices from Fitbit & Garmin that you and your household can take advantage of. Learn more.

Never Stop Learning

You are already at one of the best sources for physical health. Our story archive provides helpful articles, videos and experts who provide a wide-range of inspiration and coaching that will help you on your journey. Download the app to get notifications of new content delivered straight to your phone!