You’ve likely heard the old saying: “You can’t outwork the fork.” Well, it’s true. The more research that’s done, the more we know that while being physically active is a key part to a healthier life, nutritional health is even more important.

What we put in our bodies is linked to everything from high cholesterol to diabetes; hypertension to heart disease; anxiety to dementia. It effects our energy and stress levels and our overall quality of life.

So, where do I start?

Just like a car doesn’t run very well on bad fuel, our bodies don’t work very well on a bad diet, but knowing where to start can sometimes be a challenge. Here’s your Thrive Guide aimed at helping you eat and live healthier:

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes

A quick Google search for “recipes” pulls up 1.8 billion (that’s billion with a “b”) results. How do you know where to start with that many options? Here’s a list of some recipe resources we love that you can trust:

  1. Hy-Vee is one of our nutritional partners and has a great site worth visiting for any occasion.
  2. Download the Thrive Market Cookbook (no affiliation to SPS Thrive) and find great prices on healthy foods at
  3. The Thrive recipe page provides a simplified list of recipes that’s a great place for anyone who’s just starting out to begin. Check it out!
Paging Dr. Baxter

Dr. Brett Baxter is a Functional Medicine doctor and SPS Thrive nutritional partner who has helped people in our company make some powerful, life-changing improvements in their health. If you’re looking for a trusted guide to help you live a healthier life, take advantage of a free health consultation, in-person or over the phone, and find out how he can help. To schedule an appointment, visit his site or call (785) 537-2211.

Never Stop Learning

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