Now you can have everything Thrive has to offer delivered straight to your pocket!

The SPS Thrive App is the guide to financial, physical, nutritional, and emotional resources for all employee households within the SPS Family of Companies. We’re making it easier for you to live a healthier, happier life, and the best news is, it’s free!

  • Access to the SmartDollar financial wellness program and other helpful content to put you on solid financial footing.
  • Tips, tools and connections to fuel your family in a way that helps you look and feel better.
  • Find discounts available to employees in the SPS Family of Companies on things from fitness trackers to gym memberships.
  • Taking care of our mind and emotions is critical. Find tools and content that inspire, refresh and challenge your thinking.

Top of Mind


The mission for SPS Thrive is to provide all employee households within the SPS Family of Companies with easily accessible resources, support, and guidance that ignite a desire to sustain a healthy lifestyle and fuel dedication to self-improvement. We’ll bring the fuel. You bring the fire. Download app today today!