The temperatures are dropping and with it, cold & flu season is coming. You know about the flu shot but another, more simple way to help keep it at bay is to sneeze in a way that stops germ bombs from going off around people you work with, live with and interact with.

The safe sneeze is real and it helps. Here’s a fun PSA to learn more, as well as some other links below.

Bottom Line

What have we learned today? Well, here’s a scale on what to do if you have to sneeze:

The good: Using your elbow.

The bad: Using your hand.

The ugly: Not trying to cover it at all.

When the cold and flu start spreading through work, production goes down, frustration goes up and people feel miserable. So, be kind to others. Stay home if you’re sick and if you have to sneeze or cough, use your elbow. Your colleagues will thank you!

Learn More

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