Since launching in May of 2018, SmartDollar has made a big impact on a lot of households in the SPS Family.

To date, SmartDollar participants have seen a total financial turnaound of a whopping $850,669!

With 175 enrolled in SmartDollar, that means the average participant sees nearly a $5,000 turnaround, eliminating nearly $2,000 in debt and building $2,862 in savings, while enrolled in the program.

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We all know the spring was chaotic and, for many Americans, our finances are in disorder…or worse. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way. This is a perfect time to get on solid ground and SmartDollar is a great resource our employees can use to do just that.

Learn more about what SmartDollar and join your fellow co-workers who have already experienced a major turnaround!