Four years ago, in May 2017, SPS Companies partnered with Ramsey Solutions to launch the SmartDollar program, a FREE financial wellness program that employees can use to relieve money stress.

Since its launch, participants have reported a Total Financial Turnaround of $1,188,274!

Our company’s Total Financial Turnaround is based on the amount of debt that’s been paid off plus the amount of money participants have saved since starting the SmartDollar program. In the first four years of the program, we’ve seen participants eliminate $488,055 in debt and save $700,2191!

When asked what they’d tell someone considering SmartDollar, this is what employees in our company who have used it said:

“This is a great program and have already seen change in two weeks of working on this.”

“People want to win with money, they just usually don’t know where to start and the path to take to get there. SmartDollar provides that path.”

“I think anyone who has debt, or doesn’t feel like their money is making a difference, can benefit from SmartDollar. We are all at different places in our lives, however, when push comes to shove where is the ‘best’ place for your money to go? Savings? Debt? Retirement? SmartDollar helps make sense of it all.”

“Good plan! Easy steps!”

“It’s a proven system that works!”

Get Started Today

If you’ve been wanting to turn your finances around, you can start your journey today and join those in our company who have already found success with SmartDollar. Who knows…maybe we’ll be celebrating a $2 Million TFT soon!