A guest post from functional medicine doctor and Thrive partner, Dr. Brett Baxter.

It doesn’t matter what season it is, congested sinuses are no fun. And, if the problem is chronic, it can be downright painful.

In functional medicine we see three common reasons why people might have chronic sinus congestion:

  1. Strep toxins – Toxins from a previous strep infection can remain present long after an acute strep infection. These toxins can upregulate an inflammatory response within the sinus cavities causing excessive inflammation and mucus production. Testing and eliminating these toxins can have a tremendous benefit for not only stuffy sinuses, but systemic health as well.
  2. Mold or fungal spores – most acute bacterial sinus infections are treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics have the tendency to kill the “good bacteria” along with the “bad bacteria.” When there are not enough “good bacteria” to compete with other organisms, there is a tendency to have a mold or fungal overgrowth within the sinus cavities. These overgrowths affect many people and when they are eliminated, can provide long-lasting sinus relief.
  3. Dairy sensitivities – some patients, who do not do well with certain proteins in dairy, will produce an abundance of mucus. This mucus collects within the sinus cavities and upper respiratory tract. A simple food sensitivity test can identify if a person is dairy sensitive. If so, removing dairy provides great relief from chronic sinus congestion.

Unfortunately, many people have suffered with sinus congestion for so long, they’ve just accepted it as something they have to live with.

But, there’s good news! It doesn’t have to be that way! 

Visiting with a functional medicine doctor about a food sensitivities test is the best first step to a new lease on life.

Going Deeper

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