Employees and their families are winning with money through SmartDollar.

SmartDollar has been part of SPS Thrive for just one year but what a year it’s been. To date, employees in the SPS Family of Companies who are using SmartDollar have seen a total financial turnaround of a whopping $305,535, an average of nearly $9,000 per participant!

The total financial turnaround includes the total debt a participant has eliminated, as well as the total savings added. In just its first year, the report shows that an average participant can expect to pay off over $5,000 in debt and build nearly $4,000 in savings.

With 41% of participants self-reporting to be in Baby Step 2, which is paying off debt with the debt snowball, it is also interesting to note a before and after comparison in how people admit to their emotions surrounding their finances. When asked “What word best describes your feelings toward personal finances?” 49% said they felt confident after stating SmarDollar, while only 8% reported feeling scared. When compared to the way they reported feeling prior to starting SmartDollar (only 25% feeling confident and 17% feeling scared), it’s obvious SmartDollar is making a positive impact.

Dave Ramsey likes to point out that the average American today has a lot debt, zero savings and a ton of stress. As we launch the second year of SmartDollar, we’re seeing more and more people in the SPS Family of Companies refusing to be “average” by using SmartDollar to get out of debt, build savings and starting to feel good about their money.

If you want to join them, here’s how to learn more about SmartDollar and get started on your journey to financial freedom.

Click here to see the full SmartDollar report.

Share Your Story

Have you paid off debt? Built savings? Become debt free? We love celebrating success and are looking for stories to share. There may be people who are just one step away from enrolling and your story could help them decide it’s worth it. If you’ve started to win with money through SmartDollar, contact Tom Roesler, the SPS Companies Talent & Wellness Partner, who can help.