Bust through the Dog Days by taking on this 6-week progressive challenge, starting July 11 and wrapping up on August 21st!

Every Sunday everyone will start at 0 steps and have until end of day Saturday to meet the goal. If you do not meet the goal for the week, you’re dropped from the challenge. But, if you keep meeting the goal, you will continue to the next week.

  • Week 1: Total 40,000 steps
  • Week 2: Total 46,000 steps
  • Week 3: Total 52,000 steps
  • Week 4: Total 58,000 steps
  • Week 5: Total 64,000 steps
  • Week 6: Total 70,000 steps

How To Participate

Already Part of Thrive Rewards?

If you’ve already signed up for Thrive Rewards, be on the lookout for an email invitation to join the Challenge. Don’t forget to recruit your friends to join the Challenge! If they haven’t registered for Thrive Rewards yet, send them the link to this page so they can use the instructions below to get started.

No Rewards Account Yet?

No account? No problem. Learn more about Thrive Rewards and how to get signed up. Once you’re registered, be on the lookout for the email inviting you to join the Challenge!

When Is The Invite Coming?

We’ll actually be sending out two invitations to join the Challenge via email. The first invite will be emailed and posted to the message board June 27th with the second going out July 5th.


Contact Tom Roesler at tom.roesler@spsci.com with any questions about this challenge or Thrive Rewards in general.