A message from Thrive Rewards partner, MotionConnected

We have some exciting news to share!

We have been listening to what you have been asking for and have been working hard to expand our list of compatible devices. We are no longer restricted to just Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Watch devices.  The doors have been opened!  Click here to learn more.

We also know Samsung devices are still on the minds of a few – if you are a Samsung user, check out this article, which provides some explanation. We have been working hard towards this integration but have hit a few roadblocks along the way that are unfortunately out of our control.

For a complete list of all Activity Tracking Options, click here.

We want thank you for your patience and your continued support.  Together, we are building a healthier tomorrow!

And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@motionconnected.com.