4-week challenge (3/1 - 3/28)

Goal: Highest daily average steps.

March Madness is one of the most highly anticipated & thrilling events in all of sports. Get in the spirit this March by joining a team to see who can out step who!

Choose the region you would most like to see win the tournament by selecting Midwest, West, South, or East as your team name & show your support through your activity.

Lace up your sneakers & head out to shoot some hoops, walk, run, or any activity you enjoy!

As an individual goal, aim to average 6,000 steps per day.

Click here to join a team

If link doesn’t work, login to your Motion Connected account and copy and paste the following code into the challenge code box: 3e07ae78e4b3fc4c62b49fb729a36a62232d
(This invitation is good for 15 days.)

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