With so many ways to engage in the activities and content, SmartDollar Points have been designed to encourage users to establish true behavior change.

The greater the importance and required time of each activity, the greater the amount of points that can be earned. For example, each Core Lesson video completed is worth 250 points. Completing a shorter Deep Dive video is worth 50 points. Tracking a transaction in EveryDollar is only worth 20 points, but users are encouraged to track all their financial transactions with no points limitations. These example activities are key to building the confidence needed to reach your financial goals.

Engagement Examples

Engaged participants should be able to earn 1,000 SmartDollar Points in the first ninety days and 3,500 points over the course of one year.

Here are a few ways employees can earn SmartDollar Points:

After 90 Days
  • Take the Onboarding Wellness Score Survey (100 pts)
  • Watch three Lessons (750 pts)
  • Take two Quizzes (60 pts)
  • Create the first Everydollar budget (150 pts)
  • Select a Baby Step (100 pts)

Total Points: 1,160

By End Of Year 1
  • Build on first 90 days point total (1,160 pts)
  • Update Baby Step (100 pts)
  • Watch nine more core lessons (2,250 pts)
  • Take nine more quizzes (180 pts)
  • Update Everdollar budget monthly (1,100 pts)
  • Retake the Wellness Score Survey (100 pts)

Total Points: 4,890

After One Year
  • Start year with Wellness Score Survey (100 pts)
  • Progress with Baby Steps (500 pts)
  • Watch five deep dive lessons (500 pts)
  • Track at least five transactions per month (1,200 pts)
  • Track seven debts in the Debt Snowball Tool (490 pts)
  • Pay off two debts (200 pts)
  • Monthly budgets in Everdollar (1,200 pts)
  • Update Wellness Score Survey (100 pts)

Total Points: 4,040

The growing SmartDollar Point totals will no doubt be exciting. What’s even more exciting is what’s learned in SmartDollar and seeing the real-life financial turnaround — whether it is paying down debt, saving money, or retiring in style! Building points and seeing results can lead to lasting positive behavior change.

The sky is the limit with SmartDollar Points. Challenge yourself to see just how many points you can earn in twelve months! And, don’t forget to update your Wellness Score survey and track your total financial turnaround along the way!