New resources for new challenges from our EAP

During these uncertain times, schools are closed and parents are scrambling to continue educating their children using online resources, distance learning and a patchwork of activities and materials.

This is uncharted territory. There is a lot of advice on social media, and yet so many questions.

  • What is my child’s learning style?
  • How does online learning work?
  • Why is my child struggling to stay focused?
  • How do I work from home and keep my children occupied?
  • How do we balance screen time and outdoor activities to stay healthy and happy?

If that sounds familiar, you may be interested in something our Employee Assistance Program has just rolled out. Here’s an excerpt:

Our experienced Homebound Education Coaches provide guidance, suggestions, resources and tools to help you manage your children’s education, maintain daily routines, ensure positive learning experiences and keep your family moving in the right direction.

How To Start

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