The Challenge starts August 10!

Who wants bragging rights?

This 2-week Thrive Rewards Challenge is a chance to see which facility can get the most steps in between August 10-23.

Everything is averaged so teams of different sizes don’t matters.

The top three teams will be entered into a drawing for free t-shirts – but the highest total will obviously get bragging rights!

NOTE: There is an individual contribution cap of 15,000 steps per day.

Already Part of Thrive Rewards?

If you’ve already signed up for Thrive Rewards, be on the lookout for an email invitation to join the Challenge. Don’t forget to recruit your friends to join the Challenge! If they haven’t registered for Thrive Rewards yet, send them the link to this page so they can use the instructions below to get started.

No Rewards Account Yet?

No account? No problem. Learn more about Thrive Rewards and how to get signed up. Once you’re registered, be on the lookout for the email inviting you to join the Challenge!

When Is The Invite Coming?

We’ll actually be sending out two invitations to join the Challenge via email. The first will be on 8/3, the second on 8/7 for those who missed the first one or signed up after 8/3.