It doesn't matter if you think your ability to focus is perfect or not. This article is a must read for anyone alive in 2018.

Recently the New York Times published an article titled: Finding It Hard to Focus? Maybe It’s Not Your Fault – The rise of the new “attention economy.” In it, the article dives deep into the massive, intentional strategy companies are engaged in to capture your attention.

It comes from so many different directions and they’re so good at it that the end result is our minds are constantly jumping from one thing to the next and it’s having massive consequences.

Here’s an excerpt:

…many of the biggest questions remain unanswered. At the top of that list, no smaller a mystery remains than “the relationship between attention and our conscious experience of the world,” said Jesse Rissman, a neuroscientist whose lab at U.C.L.A. studies attention and memory.

Also unclear: the consequence of all that screen time on our bedraggled neurons. “We don’t understand how modern technology and changes in our culture impact our ability to sustain our attention on our goals,” Dr. Rissman said.

Britt Anderson, a neuroscientist at the University of Waterloo in Canada, went so far as to write a 2011 paper titled “There Is No Such Thing as Attention.”

Dr. Anderson argued that researchers have used the word to apply to so many different behaviors — attention span, attention deficit, selective attention and spatial attention, to name a few — that it has become essentially meaningless, even at the very moment when it’s more relevant than ever.

Mental/emotional health is one of the most important elements to living a quality life. It’s important to be aware of the intentional efforts going on to keep you from focusing on the things that matter most – your relationships, your purpose, your identity – so that you can fight back. Use the knowledge and tools mentioned in this article to take back some control and avoid letting the agenda of marketers steal your life from you. You have the power!