Just because the world is slowing down because of COVID-19, it doesn’t mean you need to slow down your own growth and development.

One of the best ways to keep from growing depressed is to keep your mind engaged by developing and growing as a person. This talk, by leadership expert Patrick Lencioni is relevant beyond business to young people and families. In fact, it includes an activity that you can use to help one another grow and understand yourself and others.

As the world becomes increasingly more team-oriented – right before our eyes – this message can help kids, parents, coaches, managers, and leaders radically improve their personal and professional effectiveness and fulfillment by becoming an ideal team player.

From The Table Group:

“In this short TEDx talk, Lencioni focuses on the deceptively simple virtues – humility, hunger and smarts – that are necessary to be an ideal team player in work and in life. We hope watching the talk provides some food for thought and a helpful distraction to you and anyone with whom you’d like to share it.

When this difficult time passes – and it will pass – perhaps, we can emerge from it stronger and better able to contribute to the greater good.”