Thrive Rewards uses the Motion Connected app as our platform to track points. It’s pretty intuitive to use, but there’s always something to learn. This page is a collection of tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of it.

Most Recent Tip

Activity Tracking Options

There are many ways to track activity for Motion Connected. You can even use your smartphone to track via the Apple Health or Google Fit apps.

Visit the Motion Connected Activity Tracking Options article to learn more about all the options available. 

Past Tips

Earn Points with Awareness Actions

Have you seen the Awareness Actions topics in your scorecard? Most programs have 4 available right now! They include Key to Heart HealthThe Fountain of YouthGoal Setting 101, and Combatting Stress. On July 1st, these will be replaced with 4 new topics. Make sure to complete them by June 30th to earn your points! Here’s how to find them.

New App Version

*In case you missed it* A new version of the Motion Connected app was released on March 1st.

It still has the same look and feel you have come to know but with one major upgrade: it syncs data directly from Apple Health or Google Fit.

What does that mean? Apple Health and Google Fit users will no longer need the MC Link app to sync data from either of those apps.

For more information on updating your app, tap here >>

Health Profile

Did you know that you can use your Motion Connected account to help you keep track of your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood glucose? The Health Profile page is a completely confidential tool you can use to record these health metrics and view helpful graphs. Check it out today.

Sync It Up

Ever check your dashboard and wonder why your steps haven’t updated? Data must be updated in your Fitbit or Garmin app before it can transfer into your account.

If you use the MC Link app to connect to Apple Health or Google Fit, open it regularly (we recommend once a week) because it must be opened to transfer data to our site.