Saving money isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult!

Here are some new, simple ideas you may not have tried yet.

1) Temporarily freeze your spending.

Don’t buy any nonessential items for a whole week. Raid your pantry or fridge for meal ideas, and avoid the mall like the plague. Not spending money is the best way to save it.

2) Opt out of ad tracking.

It’s no secret that retailers track us online to figure out how to get us to buy more. Limit how retailers gather info about you by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page at or enable the Do Not Track feature in your Internet browser. Less temptation means more saving!

3) Borrow appliances.

Need a handheld blender to make some squash soup? Borrow that rarely used appliance from a friend or neighbor instead of buying it.

4) (Barely) trim your budget.

Shave five bucks from every budget item before the month begins. That means your restaurant cash will be $45 instead of $50 and your clothing fund will be $25 instead of $30. It’s barely noticeable but collectively may add up to $100—easy.

5) Wear your specs.

Contact lenses can cost anywhere from $220–700 a year. So wear your glasses for a few months instead. Hey, plus you’ll look smarter!

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