Maybe your gym hasn’t opened up yet. Maybe you never had one and you just want to get in shape this summer. Or, maybe you used to go to a gym but during the COVID-19 shut down, you realized you don’t want to pay for a gym membership any more.

Whatever your situation is, if you’re wanting to get active and fit, check out this article from MyFitnessPal, which gives all the info you need for a 4-week “no gym” workout!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find:

Lists & Plans

For each day, you’ll find a list of exercises, plans and definitions. For example, for day one, they list the following strength sets:

  • Single-leg squat (each side)
  • Bent over row (with weight) (each side)
  • Single-leg glute bridge (each side)
  • T-Pushups (alternating sides)
  • Standing lunges (each side)
  • Front plank
  • Side planks (each side)

Exertion Chart

One of the biggest problems many people who are trying to follow a fitness plan at home have is not knowing how easy or hard to push it. This plan from MyFitnessPal helps overcome that by providing a rate of perceived exertion chart, or RPE Chart, which is really handy when starting out.

Exercise Demos

If you’re looking through the plan and come across an exercise you’ve never done before, have no fear! MyFitnessPal provides demonstrations for the exercises you need to complete the plan.

There’s never been a better time to get moving and this plan can help you get in shape without hurting your wallet. Go for it!