A note from our Corporate HR team.

Now that all of our states are in various phases of reopening, let’s talk about the on-site biometric screenings and how to get signed up.

While we are delayed two months, we are proud to be offering FREE on-site biometric screenings in June/July for our employees and their spouses just as we have since 2016. 

In light of what has taken place this year, we believe that our on-site biometric screenings provide an even more substantial value to you – our employees – enabling you to take a more proactive approach to managing and improving your overall health from the convenience of your work location, and while you are on the clock.

Due to COVID-19, we are putting into place a few new practices to ensure the health and safety of all on-site screening participants. Here are a few enhancements you can expect with the on-site screenings:

  • Screening stations will be 10 feet apart, or in separate rooms
  • Physical distancing will be observed
  • Screening stations and equipment will be sanitized between participants
  • Each facility has a copy of the COVID Self-Checker Tool.  If you are experiencing ANY of the symptoms listed in the Self-Checker on the day of your scheduled screening, please do not come to your screening appointment, and contact me by phone or e-mail as soon as possible.

We have made two changes to the requirement deadlines for the biometric portion of the Health Incentive Program for 2021 medical premiums.

  1. On-site screenings or Physician visit forms will need to be completed by July 31st
  2. If you do not meet 4 of 6 biometric benchmarks, you will need to complete:
    1. the “Know Your Number” health risk assessment on the Lockton Wellness Works for You portal by July 31st,
    2. and 3 coaching calls with the Nurse Advocate by September 30th.

Tobacco Attestation requirements and deadlines have not changed.

If you have any questions or concerns about the on-site biometric screenings or getting a Physician form completed, please contact Devin Crain at devin.crain@spsci.com or 785-587-5329.

How To Sign Up

Use this tip sheet on how to schedule your appointment through the wellness portal.