Thrive Ambassadors

At SPSCI, we want happier and healthier lives for those we spend each and every day with…our co-workers and families. But, that can’t happen from a corporate office somewhere far away. We need people at our facilities and in our communities to help drive the effort. If you get excited about making yourself and those around you better, we need you to become a Thrive Ambassador.

What it is

Thrive Ambassadors, aka Thrivers, are the point people at each facility in the SPS Family of Companies who help shape the program. Because they know their co-workers, Thrivers are in a unique position to share what will and won’t work, help with wellness events and spread the word about how Thrive can help people live happier, healthier lives.

What You Do

Being a Thriver is easy. Here’s a list of what you’d be committing to:

  1. Be an enthusiastic and vocal advocate for the Thrive program
  2. Work with SPS Wellness committee to provide your feedback, opinion, and ideas
  3. Share 1-2 Thrive announcements per month with your team (if applicable)
  4. Serve as a point of contact for wellness events and competitions at your location
What You Need

Here’s all you need to be a Thrive Ambassador:

  1. Enthusiasm for the role
  2. The ability to bring the wellness program to life at the department level
  3. The ability to access email
  4. Use sound, independent judgement in terms of how and when to communicate Thrive stuff to co-workers
  5. A willingness to generate and share ideas
What You Get
  1. Thrive Ambassador T-Shirt
  2. Thrive Sticker


Ambassador Application