10-Day Beginner’s Guide to Headspace

Headspace makes your everyday that little bit better. Helping you get happy, stress less, and sleep soundly. You can learn the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness through simple exercises and expert guidance. All in just a few minutes a day. This is your guide to 10 days of Headspace. Where you’ll be walked through … Continue reading 10-Day Beginner’s Guide to Headspace

Get Started With Headspace

SPS Companies & SPS Thrive are excited to announce employees now have access to the mental health Headspace App! Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to help people stress less, focus more, and sleep soundly, and Headspace is your personal guide. With hundreds of guided exercises for meditation, sleep, focus, and movement, we’ll help you … Continue reading Get Started With Headspace

Getting Started With The Asset Health Wellness Platform

We use the Asset Health Wellness Portal to help you track progress for both the Health Incentive Program and Thrive Rewards, where employees can earn points that make you eligible for quarterly prize drawings. This page is designed to help explain how to get registered with Asset Health and also provide some helpful orientation on … Continue reading Getting Started With The Asset Health Wellness Platform