Thrive Rewards: ’22 Q2 Prize Drawing

This quarter, we had 84 people with at least one entry in the drawing. That’s a lot of people making investments in their wellbeing! SPS Companies supports you on your journey to optimal wellbeing!

This Quarter’s Winners Are…

$250 Gift Card

  1. Kristin Fox – Steel & Pipe Supply, Manhattan
  2. Brian Blaney – Steel & Pipe Supply, Oklahoma

$100 Gift Card

  1. Janet Lynch – Tubular USA, Texas
  2. Mitchell Koger – Steel & Pipe Supply, Kansas City
  3. Michelle Veyette – US Wholesale, Holiday, FL

$50 Gift Card

  1. Katie Lawrence – SPS Companies, Inc, Overland Park
  2. Steve Peery – EXLTUBE
  3. Charles Cochran – US Wholesale, Holiday, FL
  4. Charles Thomas – Steel & Pipe Supply, Longview
  5. Jeffrey Davis – Steel & Pipe Supply, Tulsa Service Center

Congrats to our winners and good luck to everyone in the third quarter! (If you want to make sure you have at least one entry in the next prize drawing, here’s how you can get started.)