How To: Check Health Incentive Program Status

If you are part of our company’s medical plan, here’s how to check your Health Incentive Program status to make sure you qualify for next year’s premium discounts.

Step 1 – Log in to your Asset Health account.

If you haven’t done that before, here’s how.

Note: If your spouse is on your plan, you will need to log into their Asset Health account first, which triggers a sync to your dashboard for the most up-to-date status report.

Step 2 – Check your dashboard.

If all of your requirements has a green checkmark (as pictured), you have met your requirements and will receive your Health Incentive discount next year.

If one or more of your requirements does not have a green checkmark, you will need to complete the Reasonable Alternatives to receive the Health Incentive discounts.*

If your spouse is on the program and that requirement does not have a green checkmark on your dashboard, it could mean a couple different things: 1) They have not yet logged into their account, which they need to do in order to sync their status with yours, or 2) they have not met all of the requirements. The best thing to do is have them log into their account to see their own dashboard. If they’ve met all the requirements, you should be able to log back into your account and see the spouse required completed. If they did not meet all of the requirements, they can either submit a physician form or complete the reasonable alternatives through their Asset Health account.*

*Note: Scroll down for instructions on how to find the Reasonable Alternatives.

Reasonable Alternative for Biometric Results

If you did not meet or improve by 5% in the biometric results requirement, you can still earn the Health Incentive discounts by completing one of the following options

Option 1 – Complete Three Courses

Click on the “Courses” tab.

Complete the three courses listed at the top of the page.

Option 2 – Complete the Lifestyle Management Program

Click on the “Coaching” tab

Then, click on the “Lifestyle Management” option and then click the “Enroll” button.

Reasonable Alternative for Tobacco Requirement

Click on the “Coaching” tab

Click on the “Tobacco-Free Me” option, then click the “Enroll” button in either the coach-guided or self-guided program.


If you have questions about physician forms or biometric results that need to be or have already been submitted to Asset Health, contact them directly at

If you have any questions about the Health Incentive Program, contact your facility HR Representative. You can also contact Tom Roesler in Corporate HR at