Thrive Rewards: How To Earn Points

It’s easy to think the only way you can earn points in Thrive Rewards is to have a smart watch that can track your daily steps, but there are actually several ways to earn points that are easy, fun, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Earn one entry into our quarterly prize drawings for every 100 points you earn!

Here’s a look at all the ways you can earn Thrive Rewards points:

2022 Thrive Rewards Scorecard

Wellness ActivityPoints/ActivityMax Pts/Year
Self-reported completion of preventative exams
(Annual Physical, Vision Exam, Dental Exam, Colonoscopy,
Mammogram, Covid-19 vax/booster, Other similar activity)
Online courses and the virtual grocery store1001,200
Self-reported attestation of charity contribution “Giving Back”50200
Physical activity – 7,500 tracked steps/day, or equivalent.10/day500
Make a SMART Goal in the Asset Health portal200800
Participate in a Thrive Rewards Wellbeing Challenge150450
Health Risk Assessment Completion100100
Total Available Points Per Year3,650

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